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Study Abroad and International Experience| Program

You don’t have to interrupt your studies to travel the world — your next adventure begins right here, right now.

By making an international experience part of your academic journey, Lake Erie College students who learn, live and work in a distant country gain the personal and professional traits sought by potential employers. Skills such as communication, decision-making, and independence can be honed in an international setting. The rich diversity of experiences that come from these programs spark incredible careers and lives of personal fulfillment. 

Complete the Study Abroad Registration Form to determine course equivalency between our LEC curriculum and that offered by international institutions.

A Few Tips

  • Ask us for help.

    • Our application will help us understand how we can help you. 

  • Get started early.

    • All international experiences require plenty of planning and we can help.

  • Get the Office of Financial Aid involved.

    • Get us involved early in the process. Their staff will work with you and our partners to arrange any financial assistance available for your trip.

Choose your purpose, your place, and your people. Use your international experience to be empowered!

Semester Study Abroad

Lake Erie College has partnered with CAPA – The Global Education Network to offer the following semester, short term and summer Study Abroad opportunities:

Learn more at CAPA World Blog.

Sorrento, Italy Sant’Anna Institute

Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy provides undergraduate students with the best international experience. Students get to live in a foreign country while improving their linguistic and cross-cultural communication skills providing a perspective that encourages greater opportunities in the world community and enhances the student’s outlook in multiple ways.

Sant’Anna Institute study abroad opportunities include:

  • Semester, short-term and summer study abroad programs

  • Faculty-led and customized group programs

  • Internships for academic credit

  • Service-learning and community engagement projects

Please review the Lake Erie - S. Anna document to get an idea of the breadth of what they offer and before you speak with LEC faculty about course equivalencies.

Please review the Italian Language document to see their Italian syllabi.